Xavier Fores

Xavier ForesXavier Fores is a freelance photographer and graphic designer with more than 20 years of experience. He is an award winning landscape photographer that has passion for capturing the landscape with the best available lighting. He has built his career through selling stock imagery and his work has been published in numerous countries around the world.

Besides exploring the world, he loves discovering the most intimate and photogenic local spots and, accordingly, he has built a stunning portfolio covering the best locations, as well as a deep understanding of the local lighting. Finding new appealing locations is one of his key guiding principles.

As he lives near Barcelona, he has also developed passion for architecture and city photography. Unlike other photographers, he enjoys taking pictures of an emblematic building during the sunset as taking pictures of an emblematic mountain during the sunrise.

Joana Roncero

Joana RonceroJoana Roncero spent her first income in buying a SLR camera and she has been photographing the outdoors, nature, wild, villages and cities for over 25 years. Although she developed a scientific professional career, the art of Photography, in all its aspects, became her passion.

Photography was always the main objective of her trips. Her extensive knowledge of cameras and her skills on keywording, editing metadata and, in general, the process of management of image library are remarkable. She is also an award winning photographer and she collaborates with some stock agencies. Her work has been published in several countries around the world.

She has reputation for explaining the complicated in simple language. With wide experience in technical teaching, she is adept at imparting knowledge and motivating; combining simplicity with enthusiasm.

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Photographers: Xavier Forés and Joana Roncero