Finally, we got it!

Photographers use to plan very carefully each of our landscape pictures and, just, few of them are taken by chance. Usually, each photo has a good combination of perseverance, preparation, as well as some luck. We always spend lot of time looking for locations, seeing the light conditions during the day and we repeat, repeat and repeat until the weather conditions provides us the opportunity. Additionally, in the mountains, it involves a little more logistics.

In that case, we wanted to take a picture of the Sorores peaks in Ordesa National Park from the top of the Ordesa Valley, in the area known as the “lookouts” at 2000 meters high. We have been there few times, but this time we waited for the appropriate forecast and we came there with the tent in order to take pictures at dusk, night and dawn. The night was cold but it was worthwhile! Before the sunset, the fog covered the valley and mountains and, unfortunately, the visibility was poor or nil. But suddenly, as if by magic, the fog disappears showing us the Sorores peaks with warm sunset light. Next day, the mountain also gave us a beautiful sunrise with some clouds and attractive colors.


It is hard to rate a picture trying to ignore the memories that brings. This picture, in particular, conveys us feelings of freedom, solitude, serenity and simplicity. This is what we felt when we were face to face with the mountains far from the civilization. Hope you like it.


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